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Southern California Military Vehicle Collectors Club

Southern California
Military Vehicle Collectors Club

Affiliated with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)

 Club Charter:
  •  To advance the individual collection, restoration, operation, and display of historic ex-military vehicles. 
  • To pay tribute to veterans of all wars and all nations who fought so valiantly in the service of their country. 
  • To further the historical knowledge of club members and the general public so that future wars may be averted. 

This is a Military Vehicle Restoration and Operation Club Web site.
It is dedicated to restoring and operating Pre-WW2, WWII, Korean, Vietnam and Modern Military Vehicles, including Willys MB, Ford GPW, Army Jeeps & Trailers, Dodges, GMC's M-151 Mutt's, HumVee's and other MV's.
Through the club, you can find many hard to locate parts for sale at out swap meets.
We participate in Parades, Displays and other community events. Contact a club officer if you would like to have us participate at your event.

SCMVCC Membership Information

Club Officers

Event Calendar

Club Members in Action (Photos & video) Club Store & Awards

SCMVCC Member's Corral of Military Vehicles

Supply Room (Member Classified Ads)

Links to Member's Websites and other Useful Military Vehicle Sites

K&N Engineering is throwing a Car show for Car Collector Appreciation Day. We thought it would be neat to have some old military vehicles attend. I have attached an event flyer for your review. If you could post it for the club we would appreciate it. There will be a wide variety of vehicles here and it should be a fun day.

Sorry for the late notice.

Thank you,
Shannon Guthrie
K & N Engineering
Warranty Department
800-858-3333 X-4103
Fax: 951-826-4003

Print Flyer

 What is the correct spelling of the word meaning a handout with information flier or flyer?
Answer:   flyer
According to Merriam-Webster OnLine,

Definition of FLIER

1 : one that flies; specifically : airman
2 : a reckless or speculative venture 
      —usually used in the phrase: "take a flier"
3 : usually flyer : an advertising circular
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fli·er also fly·er 
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WWII & Military Jeep Stories
Dear WWII Vets, Family Members, Historians of the Second World War, & Collectors...
Do you have any stories, adventures, or anecdotes regarding WWII or other Military Jeeps? If so, please add them to the New "WWII & MILITARY JEEP STORIES" Bulletin Board. Follow link to write & post your story for the enjoyment of future generations.

If you do, Please go to VoyForums: WWII & Military Jeep Stories  at  http://www.voy.com/140551/  to read, write, and post them.

Thank you,
Brian French - webmaster

Monthly Meeting and Swap Meet

Cost: None! Free to everyone. Members, Guests, and Visitors! Membership is encouraged.

When: The second Sunday of every month.

Meeting Time: 11:00am, but come early for the swap meet!

Location: AMVETS of Irwindale

The Parking Lot at AMVETS of Irwindale.
14910 Los Angeles St., Irwindale, CA 91706-2713


Southern California Military Vehicle Collectors Club Meeting is held at AMVETS of Irwindale on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Click on this map to go to Yahoo Maps Driving Directions.


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